Thursday, 17 January 2013

I have a creative side?

I have been "creating" things for as long as I can remember, but I've never really considered myself as creative or crafty until a year ago, when I created Bramley Designs. A friend of my mom's had started making her own greeting cards using her scrapbooking supplies (we all were into scrapbooking and I have mountains of supplies), so I thought, why not? I can make cards. They're simple, easy, and quick to make. It turns out they are not always simple (or easy), but they sure can be a joy to create! Especially when I am feeling really imaginative! I even impress myself every now and again! haha

Cards turned into PotPeople, which turned into scrapbook template pages. I now create sets of notecards, Christmas ornaments, and I am currently trying out some new things (more to come in the near future, hopefully.) I love taking the items I already have and seeing what else I can make from them. Or taking something unusual and creating something fun from it! It is amazing what you can come up with when you just take a little time to think about it and it does not usually cost very much!

Greeting cards I find especially fun to make. There are so many holidays and occasions throughout the year, you can pretty much make a card for anything and everything! So far I have made cards for:


*Valentine's Day

*Mother's Day

*Father's Day

*New Baby





I am going to attempt to make St. Patrick's Day, Canada Day, and New Year's cards as well. Why not, right? They are a lot of fun for me to make, they certainly make me think (especially when I am trying to come up with new designs), and they are fun for those who receive them! How much fun would it be to receive a St. Patrick's Day card? How many of your friends can say they received one?

Notecards I am having a lot of fun with right now. The general design of them is pretty much the same (although I have another design I want to try out, I just need to find one of my tools needed to create it), however it is a lot of fun mixing and matching different patterns of paper! And I get to use my ribbon, which I have numerous different colours of! These cards are perfect for those "just because" times: thinking of you, wanting to say hi, telling someone you miss them, etc. While I am an environmentally conscious person, I feel that with the development of texting, phone calls, and technology the old fashioned way of letting someone know you are thinking of them is going out of style. Personally, I love receiving mail. It is personal, hand-written, and WAY more fun than receiving bills in the mail! It's a dying trend I am hoping to bring back. Care to help me?

Pots are a TON of fun to play with. The ideas with these started with snowmen and soldiers that my aunt made years ago and gave to our family. I did not have any pictures and the actual one she made for our family (a solider) was packed away. I decided to come up with my own. Equipped with an idea in my head, I headed out to get some supplies and just looking for the items I needed led to other ideas and more supplies were necessary. Halloween is one of my absolute favourite holidays and I created an entire Halloween line of PotPeople that a friend of mine purchased. They are so much fun to make and I welcome the challenge in the creation and execution of these PotPeople. Not all of my ideas have come from my head, I have seen pictures of items created by others online or in books and borrowed some ideas, but put a twist on them and made the ideas my own. I really love making the snowman ornaments right now and am hoping to expand on this line of ornaments and try out some others!

I have not made any scrapbook template pages for a while, but these are also fun. I love scrapbooking and have not done much of it since starting to create all of these crafts for Bramley Designs, but I know a lot of people who say they are not creative enough to make pages or wish they could just buy a page and glue on their pictures. And that is exactly what these are for. Not only can they be used to create a scrapbook (and at $3 for 2 matching 12x12" pages they are MUCH cheaper than buying all the supplies to create your own pages), but they can also be framed (12x12" frames can be purchased at Michael's) and displayed on the wall. They make the perfect gift for someone you care about and if you want to remember a special moment shared together.

As I said, I am trying out some new ideas (which I am not going to share at this point) and I am having a lot of fun with that. If you are not familiar with my craft items and would like to see what I have created, please go on Facebook and look for my Bramley Designs page ( You can "like" this page and keep up with the items I am creating and selling! I do ship items if requested (shipping costs have to be paid by you), so please do not let that stop you from ordering something you like! I am not here to convince you to buy my items, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed creating them over the last year. I certainly hope to sell more of my creations, and I am going to try and participate in some craft shows this year, but regardless, I am having a great time doing it!

Thank you so much for reading this! Whatever your passion may be, whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, make sure you MAKE time to do it. Our lives should be filled with the things we love and we should have as much fun as we can! I hope you will share with me what your passion/favourite past-time is!

Have a great day!

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