Thursday, 15 November 2012

Feline Friends

Being back home for almost a year has been challenging in ways, but the best part has cats. Yup, that's right, the little fur balls. We have 2 female cats, Tigger (17) and Cleo (13 going on 2.) When you are living without animals, you do not always realize that something is missing. It becomes normal that there are no little creatures running around, trying to grab your attention, or getting into things they shouldn't (this happens a LOT at our house.)

Tigger was always the prissy one. She was the female in charge, the Queen, and you did not bother her when she did not want to be bothered. If she wanted attention, she would come to you. All of this, however, has changed over the past few years. She is still the female in charge, however she does not exercise her power as often as she should. She now wants attention ALL THE TIME. She does not care what you are doing or why you are doing it, if she wants attention you had better give it to her or she will talk your ear off. My suggestion? Give her a few snuggles so she'll stop lol.

She knows how to "work" people and will roll around, mutter, and show you her cute little doe-eyes so that you will pet her, pick her up (she's a BIG fan of being picked up), or just give her a bit of a snuggle.

And then we have Cleo. She is the devil cat. Do NOT be fooled by her face. Looks can be deceiving. TRUST me. That is how she sucks you in. She makes you believe she is an angel (come on, look at that face?) and then when you least expect it...BAM! She shows you her real side and you are celebrating Christmas with no tree because she knocked it over and pulled off every single tree ornament. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death. She was a rescue from the Humane Society and she had been found starving in a Salvation Army bin. She did not have an easy life from the start and I'm glad we could give her a home. She is a fantastic lap cat and will snuggle with you as long as you can handle the weight of her on your legs (it's usually not very long.)

As I said, Cleo is 13 going on 2. She has yet to grow up and her face has never matured. She acts like a kitten and thinks she is still a kitten. In fact, that is one of the things we call her. And she answers to it, not surprisingly.
In all seriousness, though, having animals is such an amazing experience. They bring a joy to your life that nobody else can and they love you unconditionally. Thank goodness my cats did not hold it against me that I left home so many times when I was flying back and forth between London and Calgary (although, Tigger would not come near me for the first day I was home, EVERY time I came home...) I am so grateful to have had such wonderful cats, even when they are driving me crazy, and while I am not sure I will get more cats in the future, I will always treasure the time I had with Tigger, Cleo, Smokey (died 2010), and Spice (died 2010.) I hope you love your pets as much as I do and if you do not have any, I hope you will have a fur filled home someday!!!!!

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