Monday, 27 August 2012

The Kill Order by James Dashner *SPOILER ALERT*

When I finished reading The Death Cure, I was a bit confused. Things had not been wrapped up the way I thought they would be and I did not feel I understood the “why” of this trilogy. When I found out that Dashner was going to be releasing a prequel, I was beside myself with excitement. Finally! All of my questions would be answered and I would not be in the dark anymore! Unfortunately for me, I made a deal with myself that I would not buy any books for June, July and August. In order to follow through, I would have to wait to read The Kill Order. Much to my surprise, it showed up at my house one day, sent to me by a BAD Michelle (lol), and I was urged to read it so she would have someone to discuss the book with. I was able to start it the next night and anxiously worked my way through it.
I knew what to expect at the very beginning because Michelle had told me, so I was able to prepare myself a bit. I felt like I got lost when I read this book and the story took over all time and space. It was extremely well written, the story was gripping and full of nail biting moments. It was easy to feel for the characters and their situation and to be their cheerleader when they found themselves in a hairy situation. I absolutely loved the story. I think you could put anything that Dashner has written in front of me and I would soak it up like it was the last book on earth. As for a prequel to this trilogy? Well, that’s where we have a bit of a problem.
When I was reading The Kill Order, I almost completely forgot it was supposed to be a prequel to the Maze Runner Trilogy. Where were Teresa and Thomas, except for being present in about 6-8 pages of the book? Where was the explanation as to why they allowed themselves to be put into the Maze and “forget” each other? I now understand HOW they became part of the process, and where the virus came from and why, but before the Maze Runner they both AGREED to put themselves in the situation in the first book. What happened between the time they were given over to take part in finding the cure and when Thomas went into the maze? Did they become so close because they were both put into this situation and it was pressed upon them that they had the answers? What happened to them between the ages of 5 and 18? 13 years is a long time in which to know nothing of. I want some ANSWERS.
After talking with Michelle, I thought I would include something she said because it sums it up perfectly: I’m not disappointed in the book, I’m just disappointed that I still have so many questions. James Dashner, are you writing another book?????

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