Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Sheetcake Named Desire by Jacklyn Brady

Alright, I need a bit of a break from the regular format of my blog. It's starting to bore me. I'm sorry, it's clear I have a problem. What problem? I have an obsession with cozy mysteries. I'm sure you have all figured this out by now, but I just can't help it. I mean, come on! The titles alone! They're fantastic! And there is not one area of life which cozy mysteries have not touched. LOVE. THEM.

Anyway, back to the book at hand. I'm not going to lie, as much as I love this title, I finished the book and felt that it did not fit the story. I always feel at the end of these books that the title completely fit the story, but I did not feel that way with this one. Yes, it's about a cake shop, so naturally there are cakes. Yes, there is some desire in the book, but it's just not the right title. It doesn't sit well with me.

I liked the characters in this book and I was so ready to implicate almost every person I met in order to find out who committed the murder (I failed. Note to self: do NOT become a private investigator or homicide detective. Stick to the dead, but in a different capacity...) I felt the main character, Rita, was easy to relate to. She was a normal girl, albeit one who was really wishing her ex would just sign the stupid divorce papers so she could move on. And what did she do when her relationship ended? Moved back home. Yup, I can relate to that one. But how she thought things would go and where life actually took her ended up being two different things.

I also really enjoyed that this series is centered around a cake shop, Zydeco's. While I am not much of a baker, I give it a shot when the opportunity presents itself and I would love to learn how to decorate cookies and cake in a more...professional manner. I am fascinated by what bakers can create with a little sugar (okay, a lot of sugar) and some cakes. Lots of fun to read about!

I guess maybe I should give a little background on the story, that might be helpful. Rita goes to New Orleans to get her ex, Phillippe, to sign the divorce papers he has been avoiding for over a year. When they finally get close enough to be in the same building, he turns up dead. Rita sticks around for a bit to comfort her ex-mother-in-law (who is fantastic, I love her character), and asks around to see if she can figure out who would have it in for Phillippe. Managing the cake shop in the interim, Rita finds herself with some enemies and gets caught in some interesting situations.

I hope you will give this book a shot! I have only read the first one in the series, but I look forward to reading more in the future. Happy Reading everyone!!!

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