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Trundle's Quest by Allan Frewin Jones and Gary Chalk

Title: Trundle's Quest (Book 1 of the Sundered Lands)
Author: Allan Frewin Jones and Gary Chalk
Release Date: October 18, 2011
Publisher: Hachette Children's
Format: Trade Paperback
Genre: Kids 9-12

"Trundle Boldoak is off on an adventure - whether he likes it or not! Esmeralda Lightfoot knows he is the one to help her find the six lost crowns of the Badger Lords of Old, scattered throughout the Sundered Lands: an archipelago of islands adrift in the sky.

Before Trundle can finish his cabbage tea, they''re off in a windship bound for strange and distant worlds - with the fearsome Captain Grizzletusk and his pirates hot on their heels!" (

About the Author:
There is a really long bit about Allan on his website, so instead of copying the entire thing, I decided to just add the link.


This book probably would have been fine...if I was a child. Yes, I know, I chose to read it knowing it is a kids book, but it really was a KIDS book. It was cute and fun and adventurous and not something I, at 29, would read again. I picked it up because I read the Faerie Path series (teen) by Jones and really enjoyed it (I think I will stick to his teen books.)  I am usually a fan of talking animal books and I always think of James when I think about that, but this one was an exception to that rule. Anyway, moving on: buy it for a child you know who likes 1. Animals who talk, 2. Adventure stories, and 3. Floating worlds. Cute read, but not for me. Happy Reading!!!

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