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The Door in the Forest by Roderick Townley

Title: The Door in the Forest
Author: Roderick Townley
Release Date: March 22, 2011
Publisher: Random House Canada
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 256
Genre: Young Readers

"At the mid point of three towns, in the center of three streams, in the heart of a forest, lies a mysterious island. Encircled by quicksand and sewn shut by vines, it is impenetrable to all but the poisonous snakes patrolling its waters. But Daniel is determined to get there, along with his friend Emily.

Emily is a bit mysterious herself. A girl who seems to know more than she can say, whose mother was taken away by government troops, and whose eccentric grandmother reads the future in her bubble bath.

Enter the soldiers. Their menacing commander is terribly interested in sleepy little Everwood. Is he searching for something? A treasure map? The island? The girl?

Roderick Townley spins a magical tale of lies and truths, of secrets kept and secrets revealed.

Sooner or later, we all must step through the door in the forest." (

About the Author:

"I've always loved to write. I can still see myself at eight or nine, scribbling a story in a notebook, my brothers jostling me in the back seat while my parents drove into town. My heart was pounding with an excitement that no one around me noticed.
Of course, lots of kids like to write. Luckily I have a couple of other things going for me: I actually like to rewrite. Even today I will revise a chapter a dozen times if it will make the story any better.
And I love to research. For The Constellation of Sylvie, I visited NASA in Houston and interviewed an astronaut who had set foot on the moon. For The Red Thread, I trekked to a castle in England and peered into sewers in New Hampshire. For The Blue Shoe, I researched mining operations, gemology, and mythical creatures in ancient cultures. It may seem odd, but even in a fantasy novel every fact has to be right.
That attitude helped me during my years as a journalist in New York, where I worked on the staff of several magazines. I did everything, went everywhere—burrowed into coal mines, visited war zones, interviewed movie stars, opera singers, a former Secretary of Defense, a president of El Salvador. I even ghost-wrote an article for an orangutan. (Don't ask.)
Somehow I found time to emit an odd assortment of books, a few of them fine and unfortunately out of print, and a couple of them awful and mercifully out of print.
The time came when my wife Wyatt (a fellow writer) and I decided to leave New York and live by the ocean. It's possible we took a wrong turn at Weehawken, because here we are in Kansas, where we've been for some time, still writing our books and waiting for the surf to come up." (

This is another book that I happened upon at the library. Honestly, I thought the cover was neat and I was intrigued, so I brought it home with me. I just love young readers books. They are so much fun, their adventures are full of new things and just make you wish you were there. I want to go to the island in this book. It sounds so cool, and it would be an absolute wonderland for any kid (or adult for that matter!) The characters in this story work together so well. They are different enough that you find them believable, but similar enough that the bond that forms makes sense. I'm not very good at riddles and figuring out clues to stuff, so I was quite happy that these kids are smarter than I am (if I were the one in charge we never would have made it to the island.)  Overall, it was just a really fun adventure to read about. There are happy parts, scary/adventurous parts, and a sad part or two. It would be a FANTASTIC read for any child who loves adventures and to just escape to another world. And, if you're like me and love kids books, this book will not disappoint adults.
Happy Reading!

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  1. Is this a stand-alone book? You don't find them very often. Sounds like another great read. I agree with what you said about kids books. I personally love them so much because they seem to be more focused on the action and the adventure that is happening. They "get to the point". I find as I read adult novels they spend more time building character, setting things up and describing settings and visuals. I say that adult books are like lego where as kids books are no assembly required, just play play play!!
    I Love book! Thanks Tammy!

  2. Yes, it is a stand alone. You know me, sometimes it's nice to just read one book and not worry about how many follow it. I emailed the author and he was SUPER nice and told me to try the Blue Shoes (I think you would recognize the cover Michelle. I know I did.) You should read this, it's quite fun!!!

  3. Blue Shoes? Is this another one of his or is it by another author? I guess I could check.... brb.
    I don't recognize it but it sounds pretty cool:
    "Hap sat in a jail cell, wondering how it had all gone so wrong. The blue shoe was ruined, the girl he'd been trying to help was missing, and he'd been branded a thief—again! He would be banished to the far side of Mount Xexnax in the morning."
    I do love shoes!!!!